Wedding Guest Attire For Men

Guest Attire For Men

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While the bride may be the star of the show on her wedding day, the guests also play an important role in making the day special.

And while it’s important to dress to impress, it can be difficult to know what exactly is appropriate to wear as a wedding guest.

The good news is that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding attire for men. However, you can do a few things to ensure you look your best.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on wedding guest attire for men.

Dress pants and a dress shirt

Man in dress pants and shirt

If you’re planning on going for a more formal look, dress pants and a dress shirt are always a safe bet. But with so many different styles and cuts, it can be tricky to know which ones will work best for you.

Always stick to classic cuts and silhouettes. You want your outfit to look timeless, not like you’re trying to make a fashion statement and opt for darker colors. Navy, charcoal, and black are all great options.

Avoid anything too fitted or too loose. You want your clothing to fit well, but not so well that you look like you’re poured into it. Likewise, you don’t want anything so baggy that it looks like you’re swimming in it.

Pay attention to the fabric. A higher-quality fabric will look better and last longer than something cheap and flimsy.

Stylish and comfortable shoes that will last all night

Man wearing loafers

When deciding what shoes to wear to a wedding as a men’s guest, it is important to consider both style and comfort. After all, you want to look good in photos and be able to dance the night away without having to worry about your feet.

A classic option that ticks both boxes is the loafer. Loafers come in various styles, from sleek and sophisticated to fun and playful. And, thanks to their low profile and flexible construction, they are always comfortable to wear.

Plus, a good pair of loafers can last for years with proper care. So when choosing shoes for a wedding, don’t sacrifice style for comfort – go for a pair of loafers that will have you looking your best from the ceremony to the after-party.

Be prepared for any weather conditions

Man in formal attire

With the summer wedding season upon us, it’s important to be prepared for any weather conditions when choosing a wedding attire as a guest.

While the forecast may call for sunny skies, there’s always the possibility of a sudden thunderstorm or heat wave.

Here are some tips for choosing the right wedding attire no matter what the weather may bring.

For warm weather conditions, choose light-weight fabrics such as linen or cotton. If you anticipate rain, go for darker colors that won’t show stains as easily.

And if you’re worried about being too hot, opt for lighter shades like white or cream.

For cool weather conditions, choose heavier fabrics such as wool or cashmere. If you’re worried about being too cold, layering is key – consider wearing a vest under your jacket or tying a scarf around your neck.

No matter what the weather conditions may be, always be sure to bring along a backup pair of socks and shoes – you never know when you might need them.

Colors and patterns

Groom with the wedding guest

As any wedding planner will tell you, choosing the right colors and patterns for wedding attire is essential to creating a cohesive look for the event.

While white is still the most popular color for wedding gowns, many brides opt for bolder hues, such as pink or red.

For men attending a wedding as guests, it is important to be aware of the event’s dress code and color scheme before choosing what to wear.

If the bride wears a white dress, it is generally considered inappropriate for male guests to wear white.

However, if the bride wears a colored dress, it is usually acceptable for male guests to wear white. In terms of pattern, avoiding anything too flashy or attention-seeking is generally advisable. Solid colors are always a safe bet, but simple stripes or checks can also be suitable.

Add a pocket square or boutonniere for extra personality

Wedding guest with pocket square and boutonniere

A wedding is a special event where two people celebrate their love for one another. While the focus is often on the bride and groom, guests also play an important role in making the day memorable.

Adding a pocket square or boutonniere to your wedding attire will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A pocket square is a small piece of fabric placed in the breast pocket of a suit or sports coat.

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A boutonniere is a small flower worn on the lapel of a suit or sports coat. Both pocket squares and boutonnieres are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to express your personality and style.

Make sure the suit is tailored to your body type

Wedding guest wearing tailored suit

Weddings are a joyous occasion to celebrate the union of two people in love. As a wedding guest, you play an important role in supporting the happy couple and adding to the festive atmosphere.

Choosing the right outfit is key to having a good time at the event. For men, this means finding a suit that fits well and flatters their body type.

While renting a tuxedo or wearing an ill-fitting suit from the back of the closet may be tempting, neither option will help you stand out from the crowd.

Instead, take the time to find a suit tailored to your body type. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune on designer threads; there are plenty of great off-the-rack options out there.

Ensure the suit fits well on the shoulders and chest and that the pants are the right length. With the right suit, you’ll be sure to turn heads – and have a great time – at any wedding you attend.


Can I wear jeans to a casual wedding as a guest?

While every wedding is different, guests typically dress according to the event’s formality. For example, guests at a black-tie wedding would not dream of wearing jeans, while guests at a beach wedding might feel more comfortable in casual attire.

While the dress code may be relaxed, it’s important to avoid looking too casual. After all, this is still a wedding.

A good rule of thumb is choosing an outfit you would wear to church or a nice restaurant. Jeans are usually acceptable, as long as they are in good condition and are paired with a dressier top or blazer. Ultimately, it’s always better to avoid caution when choosing your outfit for a casual wedding.

What is not acceptable for guests to wear to a wedding?

When it comes to wedding attire, there are a few things that guests should avoid. First, it is important to steer clear of anything that might upstage the bride or groom. That means no white, off-white, or cream-colored clothing and no formalwear that could be mistaken for the wedding party’s attire.

Guests should avoid wearing anything too casual, such as shorts. It is also important to avoid any clothing with offensive language or graphics and anything that is too revealing.

What can I wear instead of a suit?

There are plenty of options for men that don’t involve a stuffy suit. If the wedding takes place during the day, you could opt for a sports coat or blazer with dress pants.

If the event is in the evening, a dress shirt and tie with dark-colored dress pants would be appropriate. And if the wedding is ultra-formal, you may need to rent a tuxedo.

No matter the dress code, be sure to avoid wearing anything that would upstage the bride and groom. After all, they’re the ones who should be shining on their big day.


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