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There are so many men’s necklaces available on the market today that it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Do you want something flashy, statement-making, or more understated and classic? Maybe you’re looking for a unique piece that no one else has.

This blog post will look at some of the most popular types of men’s necklaces and their characteristics. We’ll also give tips on choosing the right necklace for your style.


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When it comes to men’s jewelry, necklaces are often overshadowed by more flashy items like rings and cufflinks. However, the right necklace can add a touch of style and sophistication to any outfit.

Pendants are a trendy type of men’s necklace, and a wide range of pendants are available to suit any taste.

Common pendant designs include crosses, skulls, and Initials. Animal-themed pendants are also popular, especially among men who enjoy the outdoors.

When choosing a pendant, you must consider the style and message you want to convey. Consider a simple gold or silver disk with a monogrammed initial for a more traditional look.

For a more modern look, try a geometric shape in a bold color. If you want your pendant to convey a message, choose one with a symbol that is important to you.

For example, a cross or anchor can represent your faith, while a compass can represent your adventurous spirit.

Whatever style and message you choose, make sure your pendant expresses who you are and what you believe in.

Dog Tags

Man wearing dog tags

Dog Tags is one of the most famous men’s necklaces. It is simple, strong, and stylish. The dog tag can be placed on a man’s chest or back.

The dog tag can also be worn on a leather cord around the neck. Dog Tags are usually made of stainless steel.

It can also be made of titanium or gold. The dog tag can be engraved with a message or name.

Choosing the right dog tags for men involves more than picking a style you like. You also need to consider the material, the length, and how you will wear them.

Dog tags are traditionally made from stainless steel, but you can also find them in gold or silver. For a more budget-friendly option, look for tags made from aluminum. When it comes to length, dog tags should fall somewhere between your Adam’s apple and your navel.

If they are too short, they will be uncomfortable to wear. Too long, and they will get caught on clothing or jewelry.

As for how to wear them, some men prefer to keep their dog tags hidden beneath their clothes. Others like to show them off by wearing them over a shirt or sweater.

No matter how you wear them, dog tags can make a stylish and unique addition to any man’s wardrobe.


man showing his silver chain necklace

Thick, heavy chains are popular for a more masculine look, while lighter chains can be worn for a more casual look.

Silver is the most popular metal for chains, but gold and other metals are also available. Chains can be worn alone or with a pendant, and they can be as simple or elaborate as you like.

When choosing a chain necklace, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, consider the length of the chain. A shorter chain will sit higher on the neck, while a longer chain will fall lower.

Second, think about the thickness of the chain. A thicker chain will be more substantial and make a bolder statement, while a thinner chain will be more delicate and understated.

Finally, take into account the material of the chain. Silver and gold are classic choices, but you could also opt for a stainless steel or leather option.

Leather Cords

Man wearing leather cords necklace

A leather cords men’s necklace is a type of necklace that is made from leather. It is typically a shorter necklace that sits close to the neck.

Leather is a strong and durable material, so a men’s leather necklace can last long with proper care. Leather is also a flexible material that can be easily adjusted to fit any neck size.

Moreover, leather is a breathable material that will not cause skin irritation like some metals.

Leather is also hypoallergenic, so it is a good choice for people with metal allergies. Men’s leather necklaces are available in many different styles, so you can choose one that fits your taste.

Beaded necklace

Man wearing beaded men's necklace

A beaded necklace is a necklace that is made up of a string of beads. The beads can be made from various materials, including wood, glass, metal, and plastic.

Bead necklaces are often worn as part of a cultural or religious tradition but can also be worn for fashion. Beaded necklaces can be simple or elaborate and come in many colors and styles.

Men’s bead necklaces are often thought of as a more masculine piece of jewelry, but they can be worn by anyone.

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Beaded necklaces are also a great way to add some style to any outfit, and they can be a fun and meaningful accessory to wear.

Metals (gold, silver, platinum)

man wearing silver metal necklace

A metal men’s necklace is a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. It is usually made of silver, gold, or platinum. They may be plain or have gems or other decorations.

Metal men’s necklaces are typically longer than women’s necklaces and are often worn with t-shirts or button-down shirts.

Some men also wear them in suits. It is considered to be more formal than leather or cloth ones. They are also more expensive.

Metal men’s necklaces are popular because they are durable and stylish. They can be worn casually or formally, making an excellent gift for any occasion.


What is a good size chain for a man?

Chains come in various styles and sizes, so it can be tricky to know the best option for you. A good rule of thumb is choosing a chain proportional to your body size.

A delicate chain will look best on you if you are a small man. However, you can carry a more substantial chain if you are a larger man.

Are guys with necklaces attractive?

In recent years, guys have been increasingly accessorizing items like necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. While some people find this trend stylish and attractive, others view it as unmasculine and off-putting.

When it comes to necklaces, it depends on the style of the necklace and how it is worn. A simple chain or leather cord can be a subtle way to add a bit of edge to an outfit, and many women find it to be unexpectedly sexy.

On the other hand, chunky gemstone necklaces or gaudy gold chains can come across as try-hard or tacky. It is up to the guy to choose a style that reflects his taste.

That said, guys confident in their masculinity are usually the most attractive regardless of what they wear.

Is it okay to wear a crucifix necklace?

The crucifix is one of the most recognizable symbols of Christianity, and many believers wear crucifix necklaces to express their faith.

However, some people argue that wearing a crucifix is inappropriate, as it is a reminder of the suffering of Christ.

Others counter that the crucifix is not only a sign of Christ’s sacrifice but also a symbol of His triumph over death.

Whether or not to wear a crucifix is a personal decision. For some, it is an essential part of their faith journey; for others, it may be seen as an unnecessary reminder of pain and suffering.

Whatever the case, there is no right or wrong answer, and everyone must decide what works best for them.


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