How Not to Be a Fashion Disaster: Men’s Common Faux Pas

Men's Common Faux Pas

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When it comes to the way you dress, there are many things that you need to worry about, like wearing the right shirt or dress. With all of these different clothes available in your wardrobe, it can be hard to know what is appropriate and what isn’t.

Many men don’t dress appropriately for different occasions, which can lead to some serious faux pas.

Wearing the wrong shirt with your dress pants or wearing a sports coat to work are two of the most common men’s fashion faux pas.

What are the most common faux pas men make when wearing a shirt or dress? We’ll go over some of these top clothing blunders and how you can avoid them.

Bad shoe choices

man making bad shoe choice

Wearing dress shoes that are too flashy or wearing the wrong color for your skin tone should be avoided. You can choose to wear brown or black leather shoes, depending on what you’re wearing them with.

Wear wingtips if you want to look professional and sleek instead of wearing loafers, giving off a more relaxed vibe.

Wearing athletic shoes with dress clothes can also be considered a fashion faux pas for men since wearing them without socks is not appropriate to wear in the office or out on formal occasions. If you’re wearing sneakers to work, make sure that they are clean and continue wearing nice dress socks like argyle knee-high socks.

For casual, wearing sneakers with jeans and a t-shirt is an okay choice as long as you clean them before wearing them.

Wearing sandals or flip-flops can be considered inappropriate, depending on the setting that you’re in. Suppose it’s warm out and everyone else is wearing open-toe shoes at your office. In that case, there won’t be any problems, but wearing sandals or flip-flops with a suit can be considered inappropriate.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the color of your clothes and shoes. Make sure that you’re wearing complementary colors together by wearing brown hues if you have blonde hair, for example.

If you don’t want anyone to think it’s summertime, avoid wearing light blue or white pants.

To avoid these common men’s fashion faux pas, remember to dress appropriately for the occasion and wear clothes that match your skin tone, hair color, and shoe colors with other pieces in your outfit.

Excessively tight clothing

common men faux pas is excessively tight clothing.

It can be tempting to wear those skinny jeans or pants you bought last year, but wearing clothes too tight for your body type will make people think of you as a fashion disaster.

Wearing clothing items like this may be slimming and might show off the size of your muscles, but wearing them with suspenders is an extreme faux pas.

Instead of wearing too tight clothes, oversized clothes like sweaters and shirts with the size tag still on will make you look sloppy or lazy. You don’t want people to think it’s laundry day if they see you wearing big clothing while everyone else is wearing smaller sizes in your office.

Don’t be afraid to accentuate your muscles by wearing tighter clothes, but make sure it fits you.

Wearing baggy clothing is not the way to go either since wearing an oversized shirt or pants will make you look like a kid wearing their father’s clothes. If possible, avoid wearing tight undergarments if you’re worried about people seeing your size underneath layers of clothing.

Uncomfortable button-down shirts and ties

Man Fashion Faux Pas button-down

If you’re wearing an undershirt, it shouldn’t show at the neck of your shirt and if possible, avoid wearing one with short sleeves since there might be some exposed skin between your cufflinks and sleeve.

If wearing long-sleeved shirts, make sure to wear comfortable clothing underneath due to the heat in summer.

The same is valid with wearing a tie; wearing uncomfortable clothing will make you look fidgety, distracting people around you.

If wearing a dress shirt with buttons on the collar, wear an undershirt or even button up your sweater higher than usual so there won’t be any exposed skin.

Don’t wear your shirt unbuttoned; wearing an undershirt and buttoning up the top buttons of a dress shirt will keep you comfortable and looking professional at work or on dates.

If wearing silk ties, then use tie clips to avoid damaging them. Wearing stained clothes can cause anyone around you to lose their appetite.

If wearing dress pants and a long sleeve shirt, make sure to wear comfortable shoes, like loafers or oxfords, since wearing uncomfortable clothing will ruin your day of work.

Too many accessories

Man faux pas too many accessories.

Wearing too many accessories will only look tacky. It’s important to wear suitable types of jewelry for your skin tone and clothes that fit you correctly, so wearing more than one accessory at a time won’t overwhelm people.

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For example, wearing earrings with studs is fine since they’re small and wearing a necklace with a bracelet is fine as well since the two accessories are different lengths, but wearing more than one ring on each hand can look tacky, and wearing a watch or cufflink will make you look overdressed.

Failing to match colors in an outfit

Men fashion faux pas fail color matching

Matching the colors in your clothing is important for wearing a presentable outfit. Wearing mismatched colors will make you look like an amateur.

For example, wearing light blue pants with black dress shoes or brown loafers with black socks can match poorly. It’s best to avoid wearing these combinations when going out on dates or wearing a suit.

If wearing an outfit with more than one color, make sure to mix and match colors properly by wearing darker-colored clothing. Items with something colorful on top of your dark jeans can be unflattering for most people.

Avoid using hair gel or pomade

Using too much hair gel or pomade is not appropriate for men.

Using hair gel, pomade, or any other product with an unpleasant smell can distract people around you. It’s best to use shampoo instead of gels and avoid wearing heavy cologne since wearing too much will make the room feel stuffy.

Instead of using hair gel, opt for putting your hair in a slicked-back style with some product that has a pleasant scent. If you have wavy hair, wearing it naturally is the best option.

Wearing socks with sandals or flip flops

wearing socks with sandals outside is considered a men fashion faux pas.

Wearing socks with sandals or flip flops might be comfy and keep your feet warm, but wearing them outside is considered a fashion faux pas. Flip-flops are the worst option since wearing them with socks is uncomfortable, and it can be distracting.

For example, wearing sandals without socks is a better option than wearing flip-flops since they’re more comfortable and look presentable when going out.

Wearing oversized sunglasses and hats

Wearing oversized sunglasses can be distractive to people.

Wearing oversized sunglasses and hats like fedoras can distract people around you since wearing them indoors or at night is unacceptable.

For example, wearing dark glasses indoors during the day will make others look away since it can seem like they’re trying to hide their identity. 

When going out in the sun, make sure to wear sunglasses that are the right size for your face or use UV-protectant glasses if you don’t have any sunglasses on hand.

Poorly styled hair and beard

Men poorly styled beard

Dyeing your beard or using lots of products in your hair can distract people around you. 

If wearing short facial hair like stubble, then shave every day since shaving only once every few days will give the impression that you don’t care about how you look.

Avoid wearing too much hair product since it will make your hair greasy. Growing a thicker beard for men with light facial hair is the best option instead of dyeing their beards or using lots of products to style them.

These tips can help improve one’s style and avoid being a fashion disaster.


What clothing is most attractive for guys?

The most attractive clothing for guys is a plain shirt or t-shirt with jeans. 

Almost everyone in the world wears jeans, and wearing them casually will help you look more presentable in public places since they’re easy to accessorize.

What clothing items can men wear to work?

Men should avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts at work since they’re considered casual, and wearing a dark blue dress shirt with black pants will be ideal. If it’s hot outside, then men can wear short-sleeved polo shirts instead of button-up ones to look more presentable when going out in public places.

What are the best outfits for business meetings?

The best outfit for a business meeting is wearing a dress shirt and slacks with black shoes. Dark-colored pants are more formal than light ones since they’re easier to match with nicer-looking shirts. If it’s hot outside, then men can wear dark gray or navy blue shorts instead of slacks since these colors look professional enough for work purposes.


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