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In our society, masculinity is defined by a man’s style. Whether it be the clothes you wear to work or what you put on after a long day of work. Men’s basic fashion can either make you feel confident and assertive or embarrassed and insecure.

Men are the more challenging gender when it comes to fashion. They have a hard time finding clothes that fit them just right, and they seem to only wear jeans and t-shirts. Your style shouldn’t be a burden or unpleasant. It should be able to adapt to a wide range of scenarios in your day-to-day life. Each piece should be interchangeable, and each one may produce many different appearances.

But you don’t need to be a fashion expert. You just need some basic knowledge of what you should wear and how to combine it with the right clothes to create your great style. This guide is all you’ll need for dressing sharply in any situation – whether it’s your daily routine or an important meeting.

Dress for the occasion

If you’re going to an interview, dress formally in slacks or nice jeans and a collared shirt. Don’t show up looking like a bum; that’s disrespectful.

Dressing for the occasion is an obvious one. If you’re going to a formal dinner, dress appropriately in nice pants and a button-up shirt. Don’t wear jeans; don’t wear sneakers or boat shoes (no matter how comfortable they are). You wouldn’t want someone wearing swim trunks and flip flops to your wedding, so don’t wear those things to a formal event.

Dress to impress and always look your best, even if it’s something as simple as taking out the trash or going for a walk in the park. You’ll feel better about yourself, and others will respect you more because of it.

Choosing the best colors

Man choosing the neutral shirt from clothing rack

The best colors for men’s basic fashion are neutral and muted tones. They don’t draw too much attention to you, but they also make it apparent that you made an effort while dressing yourself. With this in mind, avoid bright or neon colors such as yellow or pink unless the occasion calls for them (such as a festival).

Avoid wearing colors that don’t go together. If you have a purple shirt, wear tan or white pants, so it doesn’t look too out of place.

Black is the most versatile color for men’s basic fashion because you can dress up in slacks and a collared button-up shirt with suspenders over top to look like a businessman.

If you want to stand out from the crowd but not too much, then black is your best bet.

In the end, it’s all about being yourself and looking nice while doing so. You can wear whatever you want as long as it makes you feel comfortable.

Just remember to think before putting clothes on in the morning because what we wear is a representation of who we are. It tells others how we want them to see us and what we want them to think of us.

Clothes matching

man choosing clothes to match.

The most important thing to remember when matching clothes is that they shouldn’t clash. If you’re wearing a green shirt, then wear brown or blue pants (or any other color of the rainbow). You want people to be able to look at your outfit.

If you’re going to wear a pattern, make sure it’s in the same color family. For example, if you have a plaid shirt, pair it with brown or beige pants instead of red ones.

Again, just because they are different colors doesn’t mean that they clash – but rather complement each other and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

You should also pay attention to the size and shape of your clothes. If you have wide-leg pants, then pair them with a casual shirt or polo.

Good pair of shoes

Classic brown men's brogues shoes and a man in blue socks.

A good pair of shoes are the one thing that men’s basic fashion can’t go without. You need shoes to complete your outfit, and depending on what you wear, it’ll either make or break your look. That being said: always match up your socks with your pants (and vice versa).

If you’re wearing brown slacks, then wear tan socks and if you’re wearing dress pants, then wear black socks.

No matter what type of shoes you choose to wear (sneakers, boat shoes, loafers), always keep them clean and polished, so they look nice with your outfit. If your white sneakers are dirty or have holes in them, don’t wear them because it looks unkempt and it’s disrespectful to the people you’re around.

If you want a casual look, then wear some comfortable sneakers. If it’s a formal occasion such as an interview or dinner with friends’ parents, then wear dress shoes instead of sneakers, so you look presentable.

If you know that your outfit will be walking long distances, such as going on a date or going to a new place, wear comfortable shoes, so you don’t hurt your feet.

The most important thing is that you’re wearing something on your feet because it’ll complete the outfit and make others take notice of how good-looking you are.

Men’s accessories

Men's accessories

Men’s accessories are what separates boys from men. Accessories can be anything that you wear on your body for decoration and to complete any outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a t-shirt, then wear some sunglasses with it to stand out (but not too much because overkill is never good).

Most stylish guys can pull them off (or at least attempt). It doesn’t take much effort – just a quick change in your wardrobe by wearing some new items will make you look like a new person.

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It’s all about being yourself but making small changes, so people notice (and appreciate) the effort that you’re putting into your appearance.

The most important accessory that you can wear is confidence because, without it, you’ll never look like a million bucks, no matter what clothing item or accessories you’re wearing.

Keep it simple with classic colors and patterns

Fashionable man displaying simple colors and patterns

There’s a time and place to wear everything, but this is more about staying in your comfort zone. If you’re not sure what colors go together, keep it simple with classic clothes that every guy knows how to match up: black pants, blue shirts (and shirt under). That being said, if you are going out on the town, then wear a patterned shirt because it’s festive and will make you stand out from the crowd.

If going bold is not your cup of tea, keep it simple with plain clothes that are easy to match up together for any occasion. Your wardrobe should be filled with basic items such as jeans (and their variations), polos, button-down shirts, and pants that you can wear to work or play.

If you’re going out with friends, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box because it’s a great way to express yourself.

Add some color to your outfit by wearing colorful accessories such as ties or socks if they go together well.


Is men’s clothing more expensive?

Men’s clothes may be more expensive since most fast-fashion companies that provide low-cost shopping at high volumes target women. As a result, there are fewer inexpensive outlets for menswear and far fewer shops in general, allowing each to charge higher rates.

How do I look classic?

If you want a classic style, your clothes should be made of natural fabrics such as cotton and wool. Look for clothing with clean lines that fit well on your body type without being too tight or loose.

Stick with colors like blue, gray, brown, black, white (and cream), but never wear more than three colors at once because it looks too busy.

How can I develop my personal style?

If you don’t know how to develop your style, start with the basics. Your wardrobe should be filled with basic items such as jeans (and their variations), polos, button-down shirts, and pants that you can wear to work or play.

When in doubt, stick with understated clothes, so they’re easy to match up together for any occasion.

What do basics mean in fashion?

Essentially, the basics in fashion are the strong foundation of every wardrobe where quality and comfort are more important than trends or style. It is usually made with simple pieces that will never go out of style, and this allows you to mix and match them together for different outfits.


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