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The average man spends two-thirds of his day walking. This means that if you want to be seen as a professional, confident person, the way you walk is very important.

You may have had the experience of walking into a room full of women and feeling like they’re all staring at your feet. It’s not just because they’re admiring your new shoes- it’s because women are actually more aware of what men look like when they walk than men themselves. Every time you walk, your body language speaks to the world, and people can judge your character based on how you move.

Walking like a man is an art form that few men know about. To avoid unwanted attention, learn these secrets of how to walk like a man.

Stand up straight and keep your shoulders back

Man walking straight with shoulders back

Good posture is essential for men to avoid looking like an old man at any age. Make sure your back is straight but not stiff, and that your shoulders are pulled back slightly. Stand up straight with your chin slightly raised.

Your shoulders should also be back slightly. This creates the illusion of broad, masculine shoulders (which women love!).

Always walks with your shoulders back and head held high. This posture not only makes you look more confident but also helps to prevent injuries in the future. Women are often subconsciously aware of a man’s body language during an interaction. If they can sense that your body is slouching or slumped over, they will think you lack confidence.

This may seem awkward at first, especially if you have never done it before or have had poor posture for years upon years.

Keep your chest out and stomach in

man displaying good posture

A man’s stomach should be kept in, not protruding or sagging. While you cannot control how tall you are, keeping your head high and chest out is essential. This will give the illusion of being taller than you actually are – which generally makes people subconsciously feel more confident around you.

Keeping your body language open will give the impression that you are welcoming and friendly. People pay attention to your posture because they subconsciously want to know how confident, safe, or comfortable you make them feel around your body language.

Keeping your stomach in will also help conceal any unwanted weight gain around the mid-section (and deflect attention away from this area). It’s a slimming trick both men and women can use.

This simple step of walking like a man is an effective way for any professional man to make a great first impression.

Keep both feet flat on the ground

Man walking with feet flat on the ground

A man always stands up straight and keeps his shoulders back – but he also knows that keeping both feet flat on the ground at all times will help him maintain a steady, robust pace. Keeping your weight balanced between your legs gives you better balance and makes you look more confident than if you were to lean or sway from side to side.

Walking with your weight too far forward or leaning back on one foot can make you look weak, tired, and less confident. Always keep both feet flat on the ground when walking to maintain balance – this will help give you a powerful stride that exudes confidence.

Walking like a man may come naturally to some men, but it takes practice for others who were not born with this ability. Don’t be discouraged if you are one of those men who need to work on walking like a man – nobody is perfect.

You can start by practicing these simple tips whenever you walk into rooms full of people or wherever your travels take you.

Keep your head up and chin high

Young Man Walking along City Street With head and chin held up high

Don’t slump your shoulders or let your head hang down. Keep your head up and chin high.

The most important thing you can do is walk with purpose. It’s not about speed or getting somewhere, in particular; it’s just that you need to look like there is a reason behind every step. Think of yourself as an animal – each step should be calm but firm, ready for the next step.

Don’t look like you are hurrying, but also don’t saunter. Keep your head up and chin high – avoid slouching. Also, make sure to straighten the knees on every step. Your steps should be smooth with no sudden changes of direction or speed.

Engage in conversation while walking

Man walking with woman and smiling

When you are walking with a woman, the worst thing that can happen is for her to lose interest in what you have to say because she feels uncomfortable or distracted by your lack of body language confidence.

The best way to keep someone’s attention when they are walking next to you is through conversation – so always engage with women while you are walking with them. Make eye contact, smile, and nod to show that you hear what she has to say, even if the conversation is one-sided.

People will always be more interested in giving attention to someone who gives it back, so make sure you don’t give off any “lazy” body language signals while engaging women during conversations.

The best way to do this is by maintaining an open and upright posture as you walk with women (stand up straight, keep your shoulders back, chest out).

A good trick that works for many guys is to think of themselves as “confident gorillas” while they are walking- the idea behind it is that gorillas are giant, powerful animals that step with confidence and pride. It will give your body language subconscious cues that make people feel more comfortable around you.

When talking to women during a walk, avoid pessimistic phrases and words as much as possible.

Walk briskly, but not too fast or too slow

People will always respond better to your body language when you walk at a pace that is just slightly faster than average. Don’t lean or sway from side to side and don’t rush, but do keep up the brisk, confident pace without looking like you are in a big hurry.

A good rule of thumb is this: if it’s a crowded area and you need to weave in and out of people, make sure your pace is slightly faster than everyone around you. If it’s an empty space or sidewalk that isn’t too crowded, just keep the same brisk but not rushed stride as before.

Don’t swing your arms

Man walking with arms close to his sides

Swinging the arms too much when walking comes off as childish or immature – it’s best not to do it at all. You should keep your hands close to the body whenever you are walking around in public spaces.

Also, avoid exaggerated movements like pointing at things while talking – just nod/smile instead.

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A good trick for men is to pretend that there’s an invisible book balanced on the top of their head, and they need to hold it steady. This will cause them to keep both arms close to their body to balance themselves while walking around with books or other items in hand.

Wear comfortable shoes

Man walking with dress shoes for work

Good walking shoes are needed so one can get where they want to go. Proper footwear is essential for the man who wants to walk like a man but also needs to get things done in his day-to-day life without having blisters or sore feet at the end of it all.

Most importantly, make sure that your shoes fit well. If they are too tight, it can cause pain and discomfort as well as corns or calluses from constantly being in the same position for so long.

Another vital thing to do is make sure that you always wear the right socks with your shoes. Cotton socks are not suitable for walking around in public spaces because they retain sweat and moisture, which can lead to blisters or irritation. Woolen socks are a better alternative since they absorb moisture while keeping feet warm without overheating them.

One should also consider whether a shoe is waterproof/water-resistant since there may be times when one walks through puddles. The shoes should have a good grip on the bottom to ensure one doesn’t slip while walking.

Move fluidly from one step to the next

man walking smoothly, with confidence

When walking, one should always keep moving forward at a steady pace without stopping or hesitating.

This means that when you take steps with your right foot, then bring up the left foot to meet it, they shouldn’t stop in between – just move fluidly from one step to the next until you get where you’re going. This technique is rather difficult to master, but in time it’ll become second nature.

Walking at a fast pace isn’t the only thing that’s important when walking like a man- one needs to walk in smooth straight lines without making sudden turns or stopping for no reason.

If you keep these tips in mind, walking like a man will naturally come to you the next time you find yourself out on the town.


How to stand like a man?

One way to stand like a man is to square your shoulders and keep your head up. Good posture gives you a confident appearance and makes you seem taller and more powerful.

Another way to stand like a man is to keep your hands out of your pockets. This makes you look more approachable and open, and it helps you appear more relaxed.

Finally, remember to stand up straight. This may seem like common sense, but slouching makes you look lazy and uninterested. By standing up straight, you’ll project an image of confidence and power. So next time you want to make a good impression, remember these tips on how to stand like a man.

How can I tell if someone has a good walking posture?

You can tell whether someone has a good walking posture or bad by observing them from behind to see how tall and straight up/down their spine is and how they carry themselves overall. Someone with good walking posture will have a straight back, and their head held high.

Should you walk on your toes or heels?

Walk on the balls of your feet so that one’s heels touch the ground every time they take a step. This is easier than walking on one’s toes or flat-footed since it makes for more natural movements and keeps someone light on their feet when they need to move quickly.

What are some benefits of having a good walking posture?

There are several benefits of having a good walking posture – for one, it will make you look taller and more confident. It also makes a person appear to be in control over their body because they’re not slouching or leaning forward when moving around. Rather, they’re standing tall with their head held high while keeping an upright spine.

What is a good exercise for someone who wants to walk like a man?

There are several exercises one can do in order to learn how to walk the way that men do – some of them include jogging, running stairs or up hills, and doing squats while carrying weights on the shoulders. Doing these things will help tone muscles and strengthen the body, which will make it easier to walk in a straight line without stopping or hesitating between steps.


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