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The home office is an integral part of any dwelling. Keeping it organized and clutter-free can be a daunting task, but we’re here to offer some tips for how you can get your home office in order and stay that way!

Many would agree that the home office is a breeding ground for clutter, with papers and items scattered everywhere. This can make it difficult to find essential documents quickly or even at all. Organizing your home office is crucial in keeping your work life organized.

You’re the man/woman of the house. You’ve got a great job, you provide for your family, and now it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s hard to focus on work when your home office is cluttered with random notepads or craft supplies.

But what if you don’t know how to set up an efficient and organized home office? It can be tricky! The good news is there are some easy ways to get your home offices in order so you can work efficiently and enjoy more peace of mind.

This blog post will cover what items should go in a home office and tips on making your space look better.

Set up a filing system for all your paperwork

home office papers

The first step in organizing an office is to set up a filing system. This will help you track all bills and important documents so they don’t pile up on your desk or go missing. You can use various colors for folders if you want to separate them from different papers.

You can also opt to have different folders for the year. It’s also essential to have a filing cabinet when organizing your home office because it helps you save time. You can spend less time looking for documents.

If you’re handling sensitive information, it’s best to get a lock on your filing cabinet. This will also keep them safe from theft. It is also essential to discard documents you don’t need or aren’t necessary anymore.

Use labels to organize files and folders

Files and folders in desk drawer with labels and tabs

Another helpful tip to keep in mind when organizing office papers is to use labels. This will help you identify which file or folder belongs where. You can even use colors for specific files like bills, taxes, and essential documents.

For example, if you’re organizing your taxes, make sure it’s in a red-colored folder. Organizing labels in your home office can be helpful to separate your business and personal information.

You can also organize your files in different ways. The most common way is by subject, but some people find it easier to organize their files from the last month on top, with the older files at the bottom of a pile.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the office

A cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, so make sure to get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in your home office. That includes clothes, books, knick-knacks, and other items you might have around the office.

You can store some items like books on your desk but not more than necessary. We recommend using desk drawers or a filing cabinet for most of your office notes, but office shelves can be helpful in table-top items.

Being organized is more than just having a tidy desktop. You can use a permanent storage container to store items you don’t need on your desk but want to keep in the office.

Cozy home office

Ensure to get rid of the extra furniture you might have in your office. A chair and a desk should be enough, don’t add a couch or a lamp if it’s unnecessary.

This way, you will make sure that you focus on what matters at work. Make sure that everything you do at work is efficient and contributes to reaching your goals.

Your office equipment should have its own storage space. If you are starting, your table or desk might not be big enough to hold all your belongings, so make sure that the storage is within arm’s reach.

You don’t want to waste time moving things around when you need something. Keep related items together so it will be easier for you to find them later.

Place your desk in the corner of your room

corner home office desk

If you have a room that can accommodate a desk, place one at the corner of the room with natural light. This way, you will only have to look at two walls instead of four. The less distraction, the easier it is to focus on what’s important.

The idea of placing the desk in a corner is not new. Back when homes didn’t have an extra room, occupants would go to the corner away from the door so they’d have more privacy.

Also, keep your windows behind you and avoid resting your back on a window. It’s distracting to look outside and see things going on when you should be working.

If you can’t afford a desk or don’t have a desk space, choose an empty spot in your room in vertical space, so it’ll serve as a placeholder for your desk later on. Just make sure it’s not in the middle of the room!

Add table-top storage to keep office supplies close at hand

Desk Organizer and Supplies

Table-top storage is one of the most critical elements in a home office. A storage system will help keep your desk clean, neat, and organized.

Make sure to have table-top storage for all your office supplies and essential items—from pens and pencils to sticky notes and paperclips. Tasks are much more manageable when everything you need is close at hand.

You can also use floating shelves or storage boxes for additional supplies you might need. If you can’t afford to buy storage space for everything, use shelves or boxes as a temporary solution.

Remember, you can always switch them with other storage options as soon as possible. You don’t want to spend much money on something that’ll take over much of your room and which you can replace with better and more efficient solutions in the future.

Keep it clean!

man cleaning desk at home

Cleanliness is essential in keeping your home office organized. It doesn’t matter how tidy everything seems to be if you can’t find anything because it’s buried under a pile of papers on the desk. Clean surfaces help you focus on the task at hand without being distracted by other things around you.

Avoid having anything that will take your concentration away from your work. Any unnecessary item should be removed from your home office or at least stored in a drawer where you can’t see it.

Make a daily clean-up a habit and a priority. This means not storing any items under the desk, on the floating shelves, or in other places where they have to be moved to get to them. If this is not possible because of a lack of space, consider getting another shelf.

man cleaning his home office

When it comes to organizing your home office, there are a lot of different strategies you can use. It’s essential to try out what works best for you and make changes as necessary. Whatever the organizational system may be, keep in mind that if your space is cluttered or dirty, this will affect how productive you are at work.

Having clean surroundings will also help combat stress levels, leading to better decision-making skills when working from home.


How do I declutter my home office?

Getting rid of non-essential home office supplies is one way to declutter your home office. While you may think that having lots of pens and paperclips on hand will be helpful, likely, you won’t need all of them at any given point in time.

Be selective about the items you keep around and only take home office supplies necessary to complete your tasks. For instance, instead of keeping many pens on hand, get the ones that write well.

This way, you’ll only have one or two pens around at any given point in time, which means that they won’t collect dust and will be easy to find when you need them.

You also want to avoid buying home supplies that you already have, as they can clutter your home office.

What should I do if I don’t have enough home office storage space?

If you want to improve home office organization, you need to ensure that your home office storage is adequate for all your belongings. This means purchasing or installing additional home office shelves or cabinets where necessary so that everything will have a home.

Try to keep the most frequently used home office equipment in easy-to-reach places.

How do I make my desk look aesthetic?

You can make your home office desk look more aesthetic by adding home décor items. This is especially effective if you use a home computer as the background will appear less cluttered and more attractive.

In addition, having home décor around also helps create a homey vibe that would serve as a great place to work from home.


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