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Everyone knows the basics of dressing yourself, finding clothes that fit, getting rid of stains and wrinkles, ironing your clothes, etc.

You may be a professional, but you feel like a complete novice when it comes to matching your clothes.

You know what colors go together but have no clue the best way to wear them.

Although we’re all unique and have different styles of matching clothes, there are a few tips for you men that will help you match clothes and find your perfect look.

Know your colors

Men matching color of clothes

Knowing your colors is the first step in how to match clothes. The color wheel is the best way to choose your clothes based on colors. You can match dresses that are side by side on the wheel, or you can mix and match more vibrant hues if you’d like.

According to fashion experts, menswear should be either monochromatic (different shades of one color) or have an accent color. The accent color should be used sparingly, such as a necktie or pocket square in your suit.

For instance, black will always compliment blue, so it will look great with black, no matter what shade of blue it is.

White, grey, green, or navy are all good colors to wear with brown. Despite what you may have heard in the past, brown clothing can also go well with black.

When unsure, stick to a timeless combination of khakis and white Oxford button-down or a darker pair of brown pants with a light blue chambray shirt.

The color navy works well with khaki, grey, and white. A navy suit and white shirt are always appropriate. Throw on a navy button-down with khakis or grey chinos for a more laid-back appearance.

Wear navy pants with a white or gray shirt to achieve the same consistent look.

For a clean-cut look, go with an army green sweater or shirt. You can reverse the colors and wear army green pants with a grey top or jacket for the same result. Reds and yellows also complement grey and army green.

Be careful to pick a darker tone to avoid creating an intense neon color that will wash you out.

Avoid following popular trends.

On the other hand, monochromatic clothing is a safe trend to try out. One method to add depth to an outfit is to combine different hues of the same color. A basic yet well-made ensemble includes a pair of jeans, a light blue top, and a navy jacket.

Don’t just focus on color, but also consider the texture and fabric of your clothing regarding how they match together.

For example, a corduroy jacket matches well with dark brown or tan pants in cotton twill; you can wear black leather oxfords with beige chinos or gray dress pants.

If you want to experiment with brighter hues, a neutral foundation will provide you with a secure color palette to work with. Darker pants go well with light-colored clothes like navy pants and a pink shirt.

However, don’t be excessive about it.

Make sure your shirt and shoes match

Man matching shirt and shoes.

Shoes and shirts should always match in color. However, there’s more to it than finding a pair of the same shade of brown or black. For example, you don’t want your shoes or belt buckles clashing with one another; they shouldn’t be too flashy either since they’ll distract from what you’re wearing on top.

If you’re wearing a dark jacket, choose shoes that are the same color as your pants. The goal is to make sure none of your clothing stands out too much and remains consistent throughout. Be sure to pay attention to every detail, such as the fabric and stitching of your shoes.

If you don’t own a pair of brown or black dress shoes, it’s time for an investment. For example, dark reds look great with navy blue pants; grays go well with buckskin leather belts; yellow shirts match nicely with tan-colored shoes.

Don’t forget about accessories like belts, scarves, etc.

Men choosing belt as an accessories

Before you go out, make sure to test your outfit in natural light. You can’t always trust the clothing colors on a screen or even inside.

Wear an item around the house for several minutes before heading outside so that you can see how it looks under different conditions.

Accessories should never be the same color as your shirt or tie. They should always be lighter, brighter, and more subtle than other elements in your outfit.

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Any accessory can work with any outfit, so feel free to experiment. While most men prefer wearing white or blue dress shirts with ties, there are no rules when it comes to accessories; wear what looks good on you.

Don’t be afraid to use accessories if necessary; they will break up your outfit and help you avoid looking like a solid block of color.

Pairing Shirts and Ties

Man need to properly pair shirts and ties.

When pairing shirts and ties, you want a color contrast. It may be challenging to match your shirts and ties together to complement one another, but it is something that you can master.

Patterns & Patterns

Do: A patterned tie and a shirt with varying-sized patterns are ideal. For example, a small check on your shirt with a large stripe or a check on your tie can do wonders for adding variability to your outfit.

Don’t: The same color and style of shirt and tie is a good idea. If the shirt is a vertical stripe design (large or small), the tie should not be one. As long as different sizes, horizontal or diagonal stripes can go together.

Experiment with a different style, like a floral print or repeating bicycles, rather than the traditional plaid, stripes, or polka dots. Then prepare for compliments.

Patterns & Solids

Don’t: If your shirt and tie are both solid, go for a color tie that’s mostly the same. Unless there’s just a little bit of the same hue in the tie, stick to similar-colored ties. Keep it light tie/dark shirt or light shirt/dark tie.

Do: Wear a black tie with a white shirt. It’s always been a classic. Don’t reverse it with a black shirt and white tie (unless you’re going to a throwback party).

Experiment with color by mixing different tones of the same hue. Avoid being overly precise in matching hues.

Shoes and Socks

Men choosing the correct shoes to match clothes

Shoes are a crucial element of any outfit, but they are still technically accessories. For boots and dress shoes, black and brown are two of the most versatile colors.

Sneakers give you more leeway because you may mix and match colors and designs. Make sure the rest of your outfit is coordinated with some of those same hues to appear fashionable.

Socks go with everything, and it’s simple to create a whole appearance by matching them to your pants. Of course, if you want to be unique, patterned socks are always an option as long as the primary color complements the rest of your wardrobe.


What is the most attractive color for a man?

Black, white, and gray tend to be the most attractive colors for men without clashing with other hues.

Should your tie match your pants?

If they are the same color, definitely. If you’re wearing a shirt and tie with patterns or different colors, then no.

Make sure your necktie complements your shirt instead of clashing with it

What colors do not go together?

When it comes to colors, black and brown tend to be the most complementary.

If you want to experiment with color, make sure not to go over the top like red or green unless you plan to wear a Christmas shirt (which is okay).

What about different patterns?

Horizontal stripes should always match up horizontally – never wear large vertical stripe patterns with a large horizontal stripe pattern.

Vertical stripes should always match up vertically – never wear a small vertical stripe pattern on your shirt and a big one on your tie, for example.

How many colors should you wear at once?

You can wear two different colors, but make sure they are in the same color family. Three is probably pushing it unless you are going for a colorful look or wearing all neutrals.

Four tends to be too chaotic, and five might not work out well, depending on how busy your outfit looks.


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