How to Clean Your Skin Before Shaving

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Cleaning skin before shaving is a crucial step in skincare and one that many people overlook. The skin can break down quickly if not properly cared for, which leads to irritation and acne. In this blog post, we will be discussing the three ways how to clean your skin before shaving so you can get the best shave possible.

Exfoliate skin before shaving

Invest in a skincare brush to exfoliate skin before shaving. A skincare brush will remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, allowing for a smoother shave without clogging up pores with bacteria. Skin brushing is also beneficial because it stimulates blood flow to the shaved area, which gives you healthier-looking skin after shaving.

When using a skin brush, use light circular motions across your face until all areas have been covered. Ensure not to use too much pressure when using this method, as it can be rough on sensitive facial skin! After rubbing against the grain in circles, rinse off your face and pat dry gently with a towel or washcloth if needed.

Clean skin with a face wash or cleanser

Use warm water to open pores and loosen dirt and oil from the skin’s surface. Follow up with cold water, which will tighten your pores. Use a skin cleanser to wash your skin before shaving, but make sure your skin is soft and not irritated. If your skin has been recently exfoliated, you can skip this step.

Use an oil-based pre-shave, something like baby oil or coconut oil, as your last step in cleaning skin before shaving. These oils will act almost like a skin lubricant, helping to prevent cuts and nicks from shaving.

Shave after taking a shower

Your skin is the cleanest right after you step out of the hot steamy shower. You can even use soap for sensitive skin because it won’t be as drying on already dried-out skin! Always make sure to follow up with moisturizer immediately afterward, too!


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