How To Get A Clean Shave Without Getting Cut

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No one likes the look of a fuzzy face. What’s even worse is when you forget to shave and end up with a razor burn.

Cutting yourself while shaving is a common occurrence for most men. If you have ever shaved before, then you know the importance of a clean shave.

Whether it be for work or to impress your significant other, shaving is important to maintain an attractive appearance.

But, there are steps you can take to prevent the cuts and nicks that make shaving more of a chore than it has to be. There’s an art to getting a clean shave without getting cut, and we’ve got all your answers right here! 

Do I need some special tools? No! Your everyday razor will do just fine as long as you’re using it properly. Like any other skill, mastering shaving takes time and practice; but don’t worry – we’ll show you how! 

Always make sure your razor is sharp and clean before use

Razor cleaning

The easiest way to get a clean shave without getting cut is by using a sharp, clean razor. If the blade on your razor is old and worn out, then you’re going to end up with hair stuck in between the blades instead of hair-free skin.

Before you shave, make sure your razor is free of moisture and rust; these might cause infections caused by germs.

To test if your blade is dull, rub it against your hair; if the hair doesn’t come off, then it’s time for a new blade. You can also get your razor professionally sharpened or clean it yourself with isopropyl alcohol.

Electric razors don’t give you a clean shave because hair tends to stick between the blades. Also, the hair on your face is typically too coarse for electric razors, and they can irritate your skin. Stick with a regular blade to get a clean shave without getting cut.

Don’t press down when shaving

man getting a clean shave

Most people tend to apply extra pressure because it feels like you’re not getting the hair. However, when you press down on your razor while shaving, hair tends to clog the blades and makes for a more difficult clean-up process.

The best way to clean shaving is by using short strokes instead of long strokes. Long strokes tend to cause hair to clog and can irritate your skin as well.

Try shaving in the direction of hair growth; this will give you a close shave without the hair getting stuck between the blades.

Keep hydrated

Man taking hot shower

One important factor that plays into getting a clean shave is being hydrated. It’s best to avoid shaving when you’ve got a dry face.

When hair is dry, it’s more likely to clog in the blades of your razor, causing hair to end up on every part of your body instead of hair-free skin.

One easy way to hydrate yourself is by taking a hot shower before shaving. The heat from the water opens up pores and softens hair, making for a clean shave.

If you don’t have time to shower before shaving, try shaving after a hot bath instead. This will help prevent hair from getting stuck in between the blades and give you hair-free skin.

Use a shaving brush to create an even lather on your face

Man shaving with brush and cream

A shaving brush is ideal for creating a smooth surface for shaving because it evenly distributes the shaving cream, allowing hair to stand up in preparation for being shaved. You can also use pre-shave oil or hair conditioner to give you that clean shave, but make sure that any product you use is specifically made for men.

Shave with the grain

Shaving with hair growth is one of the best ways to get a clean shave without getting cut. The hair on your face grows in different directions, so shaving with it instead of against it prevents hair from tearing and growing back into the skin.

When you shave against the hair growth, you end up cutting off hairs that aren’t ready to be cut, which can cause hair follicles infection.

Use a pre-shave oil to soften hair and provide lubrication for your razor 

Pre-shave oil is an ideal product to use if you’re looking for a clean shave without cutting yourself. The oil is applied before shaving cream or gel to soften hair and create an extra layer of lubrication that prevents razor burn.

Using pre-shave oil can also reduce cuts because hair tends to be more pliable when hair has been softened. This makes shaving more manageable and less likely that hair sticks to the inside of the razor.  

Apply shaving cream in an even layer on the area you’re going to shave

man applying shaving cream in an even layer

Applying shaving foam in even strokes is vital to a close shave. If you find that hair tends to stick inside your razor, then shaving cream wasn’t applied evenly or was used too late, so the hair had the chance to become tough and rigid.

When hair becomes tough and rigid, hair can grow back into the hair follicle and even damage hair follicles, which can cause hair not to grow back. 

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Hair should also be cut before shaving with hot water and a damp face because hair absorbs water and becomes softer and more pliable. 

Once the hair has been softened, you’re ready to shave!

Rinse your razor frequently during shaving

When hair clogs the blades of your razor, hair begins to grow back into the skin and can cause itching and irritation. This is why it’s important to rinse your razor every time you make a stroke on your face or body.

When hair builds up on your blade, an uneven shave occurs because hair is trapped inside the razor, making hair stick to hair and hair stick to your face.

Apply aftershave lotion or balm containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, or witch hazel

man applying aftershave lotion

It’s essential to apply an aftershave product with natural ingredients because shaving cream, hair conditioner, and hair gel can irritate your skin. Aftershaves should be free of harsh chemicals and alcohol, which will dry your face out and reduce moisture levels in your skin.

Sweating also reduces moisture levels in the skin, so be sure to wear sunscreen during the summer when you’re shaving.

Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove hair at the root

Using a body scrub with small grains or an exfoliating brush will help remove hair from its root before it has time to grow back into the hair follicle. After hair has been removed from the hair follicle, hair is more likely to grow back into hair and aggravate the skin. 

You should exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to maintain hair-free skin. If hair isn’t removed from the hair follicle, hair will start growing back into the hair follicle and can cause hair to grow back thicker.


Is it healthier to be clean-shaven?

While hair acts as a protective barrier for your skin, hair can also trap sweat and dirt. Removing hair doesn’t affect the oil production of hair follicles, so the effects of shaving on acne breakouts are minimal.

However, if you have sensitive or dry skin, it’s best to only shave in areas that aren’t exposed to growth, and hair follicles will remain healthy and hair-free.

How often should hair be removed?

Men tend to shave hair from their face and body every day or every other day. Hair does not grow thicker after shaving, but hair becomes softer and more pliable when cut. If you’re trying to grow hair out, it’s best to wait a week before shaving again.

How long should hair be to get a clean shave?

Hair should be 1/8″ or shorter for hair removal with hair clippers and 3/4″ or shorter for hair removal with a hair trimmer.

If you’re unsure how long hair needs to be before shaving, then it’s best to trim hair by using beard clippers and waiting a few days or weeks for the hair to grow back.

What does a clean shave say about a man?

A clean shave says that you regularly take care of your hair removal needs and don’t neglect hair removal by shaving sporadically.

A clean shave also says that you like to treat yourself with aftershave lotion or balm every day, which is good for the skin because hair absorbs sweat and dirt; hair can trap dirt, and hair follicles can become infected if the hair isn’t removed.


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