Why Do Guys Gain Weight When Their Wife Is Pregnant

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There is no doubt that when a woman becomes pregnant, her husband tends to gain weight.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding weight gain in men when their wife is pregnant. Some people say that it’s because the man is carrying the baby too, while others claim it’s simply because the man is eating for two.

This phenomenon has been observed for centuries, but scientists have yet to determine why it happens.

Some believe that the husband shares some of the same hormonal changes as his wife, while others think that it is simply because the husband is eating more to support his wife and child.

But what is the reason for this? Is it just because they eat more to support their wife and baby? Or is there something else going on?

This article will explore the possible reasons why men gain weight when their wife is pregnant.

Guys are eating for two

Man eating for two persons

Yes, it’s true that when a woman becomes pregnant, her weight increases by the weight of the baby inside her. But what many people don’t realize is that men gain weight at almost the same rate as women do during pregnancy.

This may sound strange, but there are two reasons why this happens:

– The amount of weight gain is not the same for everyone. Some people are naturally thinner than others, so they may gain weight faster than other people who are also pregnant.

– Men tend to have less muscle mass than women and therefore need more energy when carrying out daily activities like walking or running around town. This means their bodies will require food with higher calorie levels.

So, even though a woman’s body is working hard to provide the baby with all the nutrients it needs, the dad’s body is also working just as hard to support both of them.

This means that he will likely gain weight during his wife’s pregnancy – but don’t worry, it’s completely normal.

A gesture of being a supportive spouse

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The weight gain in men during pregnancy is a very natural response to being with their partner and having children,” says Dr. Jillian Rader, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at the University of South Florida.

Men gain weight while their wife is pregnant because they want to support their wife’s weight gain.

The weight gained by men can vary from several pounds per week up to 50% of the total weight gained during pregnancy, depending on how much weight is gained.

Guys should focus on being supportive during pregnancy so their wives won’t feel too overweight or uncomfortable in their final stages of development.

It’s not just the weight of the baby they’re carrying, but also the weight of making sure their wife is comfortable and happy.

They want to be there for her every step of the way, and that includes during her pregnancy.

Guys are not getting enough exercise

not getting enough exercise

When their wife is pregnant, the guys’ routine changes and they’re not able to get out and exercise as much. They also tend to eat more because they’re comforted by the idea of having a big meal that will help them gain weight for when the baby is born.

This can be harmful to both them and their partner as weight gain during pregnancy can lead to complications such as gestational diabetes.

Guys should try to stick to their regular routine as much as possible and only indulge in big meals every once in a while.

This will help them stay healthy and avoid any weight gain that could be harmful to their wife and child.

It’s a stressful time in their life

man is stress and worried about his wife

When their wife is pregnant, the guy’s body starts producing more ghrelin hormones. This hormone tells the brain to eat more, so the guy’s appetite goes through the roof.

He’s eating for not just himself but also his unborn child. Guys gain weight when their wife is pregnant because they’re stressed out.

When a guy’s wife is pregnant, he may feel stressed out about the upcoming changes in his life. This stress can lead to weight gain.

Guys gain weight when because of hormonal changes

Couvade syndrome - Sympathetic pregnancy

This weight gain is known as the “sympathy weight” or “couvade syndrome.”

The theory of weight gain due to hormonal changes in a man when his wife is pregnant was first documented by an anthropologist named Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead in 1936.

Since then, many studies have been conducted on the weight gain in men when their wife is pregnant.

One study published in the journal “PLoS ONE” looked at data from over 12,000 couples who were part of the Danish National Birth Cohort. The study found that fathers-to-be overweight or obese before their wives became pregnant had a greater risk of weight gain during their wives’ pregnancies.

A fathers-to-be overweight

So, why do guys gain weight when their wife is pregnant? The answer may be due to hormonal changes in men when they are around a pregnant woman. These hormones include cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone.

Increased levels of this stress hormone can lead to weight gain and weight loss due to increased appetite or decreased energy expenditure.

If you are concerned about your weight gain, consult with your doctor

Overweight Man consulting the Doctor

If you are a man and are concerned about weight gain during your wife’s pregnancy, it is essential to consult with your doctor. They can help you understand the possible reasons for weight gain and give you advice on maintaining a healthy weight.

It’s also important to talk to your wife about your concerns; she may be able to help you understand weight gain in men during pregnancy better.


What can you do to ensure that weight gain doesn’t happen when your wife is pregnant?

One way to avoid weight gain in men when their wife is pregnant is by making sure that they eat healthy foods instead of junk food during pregnancy; this will help keep weight off both partners.

How do I manage stress during my wife’s pregnancy?

When you get ready as a parent, you will experience great emotions and stress. There is no way to avoid it. What you can do, however, is find healthy ways to deal with that stress, so weight gain doesn’t happen in men when their wife is pregnant.

How do I know if I have Couvade syndrome?

Symptoms of Couvade syndrome include weight gain, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms during your wife’s pregnancy, it is important to consult with his doctor immediately so they can determine the cause of weight gain in men when their wife is pregnant.


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