Best Way To Clean Your Mirror: Avoid Streaks

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How to clean your mirror? You might think that is an easy question, but it isn’t. There are different ways you can clean a mirror, and all of them have their pros and cons. Here are some tips on how to have a clean mirror and avoid streaks.

Some people will tell you they wipe down their mirror for quick cleaning, while others swear by using glass cleaner or bleach wipes. The truth is that there’s never one correct answer when it comes to what kind of product should be used and how often – which is why we’ve created this article: to help clear up any confusion!

Make sure to use a clean, dry cloth or paper towel

If you want to avoid streaks, make sure you don’t use a wet cloth. Wet cloths will leave behind streaks and make it difficult for you to see your reflection. You can also try using one of the many special cleaners out there for the task – they often work wonderfully!

Clean your mirror carefully with vertical strokes

Cleaning your mirror with vertical strokes helps with avoiding streaks. Use a cloth and take care not to use too much pressure – you don’t want the glass to break!

Use vinegar or glass cleaner

Even if you are using paper towels or a dry cloth, some dirt will remain behind. This is why it’s important to use vinegar for glass cleaner – even though it can be pretty stinky! Using these two ingredients together with clean water should do the trick every time. If this doesn’t work, try rubbing alcohol instead of water. It might help dissolve any grease left on your mirror and make cleaning easier for you in the long run!

A glass cleaner is an essential home cleaning supply for when you want to get rid of streaks on your mirror.

Avoid spraying anything directly on your mirror

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to avoid spraying anything directly on your mirror. If you spray something directly onto the glass, then use a cloth or paper towels to clean it off afterward; you’ll likely leave behind streaks. Instead, spray your solution on your dry cloth or paper towel.


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