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There’s no need for men to feel left out when it comes to enjoying a delicious drink. Many vodka drinks are perfect for men.

A vodka drink will fit the bill whether you’re looking for something refreshing and icy cold on a hot day or something strong and warming on a cold night.

But which vodka drinks should you order at the bar? Here are the best vodka drinks for men.

Bloody Mary has everything you need in a drink

Man making Bloody Mary

Some people might think that vodka is a unisex drink, but there’s no denying that bloody marys are one of the best drinks for men.

Not only is it flavorful and filling, but it also packs a mean punch. The combination of vodka, tomato juice, and spices is the perfect way to start any morning – or recover from a night out.

To make a perfect Bloody Mary, you need to start with the basics: high-quality tomato juice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, and a pinch of celery salt.

From there, you can add in some vodka and get creative with the garnishes. For a traditional twist, try adding a celery stalk or pickle.

For something extra spicy, add in some hot sauce or horseradish. And for a bit of sweetness, try adding a splash of fruit juice or simple syrup.

No matter your preference, there’s a Bloody Mary out there that’s sure to please.

The Screwdriver is refreshing and perfect for any occasion

Screwdriver cocktail

When it comes to vodka drinks, the Screwdriver is far and away the best choice for men. First and foremost, it’s a very masculine drink.

The name itself is evocative of a tool most often used by men. It also has a strong and distinct flavor that can please even the most discerning palates.

The orange juice helps mask the taste of the vodka, making it more palatable for those not accustomed to drinking straight liquor.

The sweetness of the orange juice also makes it a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink, perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day.

In addition, the Screwdriver is incredibly easy to make, which is always a bonus for mixed drinks.

Pour vodka and orange juice into a glass in equal proportions and enjoy. No fancy bartending skills are required.

A Moscow Mule is an invigorating drink with a unique taste

Moscow Mule

Few drinks are as refreshing and flavorful as the Moscow Mule. Made with vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer, the Moscow Mule is a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

The lime juice gives the drink a bright citrus flavor, while the ginger beer provides a spicy kick. And, of course, the vodka gives the drink its signature smoothness.

The combination of flavors is truly irresistible. But what makes the Moscow Mule even more appealing is its simplicity.

Unlike other vodka drinks, it does not require any fancy equipment or mixers. The Moscow Mule is the perfect drink for any occasion, whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a night out on the town. And best of all, it’s an excellent choice for any man who wants to enjoy a delicious and refreshing cocktail.

A Vodka Tonic is perfect for men who appreciate classics

Man making vodka tonic

Vodka Tonic is the perfect drink for any guy who wants to enjoy the smooth taste of vodka without any fruity or sweet flavors often associated with mixed drinks.

The refreshing combination of vodka and tonic water is perfect for a night out on the town, and it can also be easily customized to fit your taste.

To make a vodka tonic, combine equal parts vodka and tonic water over ice in a glass. For a twist, you can add a squeeze of lime or lemon.

If you want to get fancy, you can rim the glass with salt or sugar. But no matter how you make it, the vodka tonic will surely be a hit with the fellas.

Whether you like your drink extra strong or just a hint of sweetness, Vodka Tonic can be made to perfection every time.

White Russian is a delicious and easy-to-make vodka drink

White Russian cocktail

The White Russian is also a very masculine drink and is the perfect choice for sipping on a cold winter evening.

The drink is made with vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream and garnished with a cherry. Combining these ingredients makes for a rich and flavorful drink that can please any pallet. The White Russian is a strong drink and will put hair on your chest.

To make a White Russian, you will need vodka, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream. Combine these ingredients in a glass with ice, and enjoy. You can top off your drink with a drizzle of chocolate syrup for extra sweetness.

If you are looking for a delicious and masculine vodka drink, then the White Russian is a perfect choice.

Greyhound is a perfect drink to have before going out to party

Greyhound Cocktail with lime

Greyhound may not be the most popular vodka drink, but it’s the best. Let’s start with the basics: Greyhound is made with vodka, grapefruit juice, and simple syrup.

That’s it. No fancy mixes or additives. Just pure, unadulterated ingredients. And that’s what makes Greyhound so great. It’s a simple drink that lets the quality of the vodka shine through.

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And speaking of quality, Greyhound is made with only the finest vodkas. It uses premium brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose, known for their smooth, clean flavors. This makes Greyhound the perfect drink for men who appreciate the finer things in life.


Is vodka good for males?

Many people believe that vodka is a healthy drink for males. After all, it is low in calories and contains no sugar.

Additionally, vodka is thought to have numerous health benefits, including improving heart health and preventing blood clots. However, it is essential to remember that vodka is still a form of alcohol.

As such, it can cause dehydration and potentially damage the liver. Therefore, it is essential to drink vodka in moderation.

When consumed in excess, vodka can have serious consequences for males. However, when consumed in moderation, it can be a healthy drink with numerous benefits.

Does vodka affect male fertility?

It’s a common misconception that vodka is “safe” alcohol for fertility. While it’s true that vodka has less impact on fertility than other types of alcohol, that doesn’t mean it’s completely harmless.

Studies have shown that men who consume more than two standard drinks of vodka daily are at a higher risk for fertility problems.

This is because alcohol can lower testosterone levels, reduce sperm count, and damage the quality of sperm. Additionally, vodka can cause dehydration, which can further impair fertility.

How much vodka gets a man drunk?

Depending on various factors, including his weight, tolerance, and the strength of the vodka, a man may need to drink anywhere from one to four shots of vodka to feel drunk.

For example, a lightweight man who is not used to drinking alcohol may feel the effects after just one shot, while a heavier man may be able to drink three or four before he starts to feel buzzed.

It takes about 45 minutes for alcohol to kick in, so a man who drinks too much vodka too quickly may feel very sick before he ever gets drunk.

What cocktails do guys drink?

While the stereotype of the guy at the bar downing shots of whiskey may be true in some cases, it’s far from the whole story.

In reality, guys drink a wide variety of cocktails, and the occasion often dictates their choices. For example, a man out on a first date might opt for a classic Martini to seem sophisticated, while someone enjoying a night out with buddies might choose a more casual option like a beer or whisky neat.

And when guys are looking to get ahead at a business meeting, they might order an Old Fashioned, as it conveys confidence and power.


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